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Jul 19, 2017


Welcome to the great land of YOLKS! In this game, you can destroy your brothers and sisters! And you get grounded a lot! Why wouldn't you get grounded after shooting and stabbing your siblings?

Yiz is the cool kid, who everyone likes! He's not like his brother and sister, He's sane! His father taught him how to use a sword before he died, so sad.

Locklelt is the one snotty teenager. He may seem mean, but when he fights, he's the crazy kid! With his Bazooka, he obliterates his opponents!

Then there's Zip-Zip, that one crazy baby! With her Rail gun, she snipes the world! How did she get a Rail gun as a baby? I dunno.

Chuck-Chuck-BOOM is the crazy kid next door! He bought his own shotgun because hes rich!
Hes may be new to the crew, but hes not new to fighting!

Sneakers is a sneaky ninja! He lives in the city, so he has some rad sneakers!

Penguinoun likes fire! Even though hes from the Atlantic. With his flamethrower, he cooks marshmallows! What did you think, he would burn chickens? That's harsh, man!

Quackers likes to parkour! He always runs around the walls, and jumps around with his Impulse gun! He also enjoys ponds, and long walks on the beach.

Chowboy is the wise Chinese dude, although, he's actually from Russia? He's really neat with those revolvers!

Y0LB0T V.1 EXPERIMENTAL is an old YOLKS robot, meant to be a merciless murderer, only caring about herself. She realized that this was wrong, turning to the good side and hiding in the old YOLKS base.

Have fun playing this game! Give me ideas in the comments please! And remember, more will come in the future if you guys help!

This is the official YOLKS avatar!

This is the model for the chickens!