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Epic Parkour City!

:] Thank you everyone for your support!
Grats to to all EBC members! There are still many people out there who might be able to join EBC as well!
Epic Parkour City! ~1.3.8
This project has now become the official Extreme Builders Clan HQ! Highly ranked members of the EBC will be invited to this place & allowed to build and expand the city!
Special Highlight: Visit the Arcade! :]
Recent Updates: Many stuff. lol check for yourself.
OVER :] Congrats to our two winners: Sir_luke and Dreams242!
~*****~Hey there everyone, this is MrSovietOnion. I just wanted to ask you guys (if you like the map) to subscribe to me on YouTube! My username is MrSovietOnionHD. I appreciate it, I really do!~*****~
If you want to join our clan,
These are the requirements. First, write on one of our profiles (Exel, Soviet, or Noble) that you want to join.
- Must have been playing KoGaMa for at least 2 weeks
- Must have published projects that we can observe
- Must have items in marketplace that we can observe
- If you have met these requirements, then the masterleaders will have a meeting and vote on whether or not you get in. The vote must be unanimous.
-(You may have to take a test while one of the masterleaders are watching over you, which is simply building a model)

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Published Apr 9, 2012