Parents' Guide


Kogama is an open-ended game that allows you and your children to partake on many different activities together. These are some of the main ones:

Play a Game

Kogama offers thousands of games for your kids to play and explore. Each and every game was created by other players or the Kogama team.

Create a Game

Every player has access to fun and intuitive tools to create their own world and games.

Edit your appearance

It’s easy to customize your avatar into anything you may wish, allowing every player to express their individuality.

Buy and Sell Items

Kogama players can create their own items and share them with the rest of the community through the Market, where they sell and buy items.

Talk to Friends

Kogama players may add other players as friends, play and create together and trade messages among them. The messages have a content filter to suppress negative behaviors among players.


In Kogama’s online universe, we are always committed to provide a safe and fun environment for your children.

Chat & Messages

Only registered users may use the chat and post messages on Kogama. Every message, post and comment go through a content filter in order to avoid negative content.


When a kid goes online, there are certain rules that make their experience safer. We encourage you to talk to your kids about internet safety. These are some of the best practices we believe are helpful:

  • Never give out personal information, including your real name, address, phone number, e-mail, school and other contact information.
  • Don’t share your password with anyone other than your parents.
  • If someone online says anything or acts in any way that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell your parents immediately and report it.
  • Be kind and polite online and do not write or act in any way that you wouldn’t face to face. Be prudent about what you write and share.

Monitoring and Support

Our moderation team evaluates the user created content in order to assure that any kind of inappropriate content is removed from Kogama.

The players have the option to report any content they think is offensive or inappropriate by making use of the report tools or contacting support.

Learning and Development

While they are having fun on Kogama, your children will acquire notions of problem solving, teamwork and even some programming. Here's how KoGaMa gives your children these benefits.

Motor Skills

Some of the challenges found on Kogama require a lot of hand-eye coordination and quick thinking to be overcome, making players exercise these skills constantly.


Playing Kogama, the users spend all their time interacting with other user's creations that may serve as inspiration for their own projects. The creation tools are easy to use and accessible to every player.


By creating their projects, the players use elements of programming and game creation logic.

Money Management

While playing Kogama and winning Gold Cubes, the players learn to save up in order to buy the items sold by other users on the Market.


Overcoming challenges and creating games is always better with friends. That’s why Kogama offers many social elements in order to facilitate communication between players and the creation of new friendships.


Teambuilding and teamwork is one of the most rewarding parts of any experience and Kogama is no different. The best and most fun way of playing and creating projects is by collaborating with other players.

Ways to Play

Kogama is a free game that allows players access to other items through in-game currency. Understand the different ways of playing Kogama.


  • Access to all the games created by the community
  • Freedom to create games and share them with other players.
  • Avatar creation.
  • Take part of challenges and community spotlights.
  • Buying and selling items on the Market.

Gold Cubes

  • Gold Cubes are Kogama’s most valuable currency. Some special items can only be purchased with them.
  • Buying Gold Cubes is 100% optional.