Hello everyone!

We have over the last month been developing on the chat module of the website, and have added both a new layout but also some stability improvements.

We'd love to hear your feedback here: http://kogama.freeforums.net/thread/11779/improved-chat-hear-feedback

Lets talk about the layout, it's got 3 purposes.


The first of which was to support mobile phones better. This has been achieved by having a simple overlay on the screen so when you chat you only need to focus on who you want to chat with and the conversation itself.


The second is the desktop experience, we are trying to stop the amount of clutter on your screen by removing all the old chats, and moving them in to a bigger tab where each of your conversations is now easily accessible, this reduces the amount of small tabs in the screen so you can focus more on the games it self. We have also improved the friends list to show you if you have notifications from friends.


And the last thing, we have now separated your friends into offline and online lists, so its visually easier to see who is offline and who is online in KoGaMa, and also added a small counter so you can see the amount of online friends.

On the stability side.

There was a issue where if you as a player entered a game you would broadcast to your friends after some time that you where inactive / offline. This have been fixed an your friend will now in small intervals see what you are doing in the game, if you are building a project or if you are playing games, and can easily join you in the different sessions.

We would like to hear your thoughts on this new chat system, so as always please report bugs to our bug forum, and post your feedback in the feedback forums: http://kogama.freeforums.net/thread/11779/improved-chat-hear-feedback