Hey KoGaMians!

Important message:
Due to a bug we rewarded the wrong amount of gold for leveling up :(. This is not reversible for us currently, so instead i'm adding some additional gold for this coupon. Make sure to claim it within 2 weeks :)

FriendsGold19 is available for redeeming in the coupon section.
Check out our Gamepedia page for redeeming coupons if you don't know how :) https://kogama.gamepedia.com/Coupon_Code

Enjoy, and don't forget to report any newly discovered bugs on the forums! This helps us fix annoying bugs in KoGaMa, and gives you a unique tester badge you can show off!

Also rewards gold for each bug you successfully report (not for duplicates, bugs caused by cheats, or bugs that are not reproducible by our testers - make sure you provide very easy to follow steps!)

Link: http://kogama.freeforums.net/board/3/bug-reports

Thanks for being awesome! :)