Hi guys.

We've been talking about two major updates for a while now. One of these major updates is the subscription, and it has now arrived to the Friends test server.

This is the features in the update:

  • free amount of gold every day
  • Subscriber frames all around the website, like your profile imge, badge, levels, in-game image. This should make you stand out.
  • 50% more XP
  • Automatically boost fellow players' XP while in the same game by 10% (Up to 400%)
  • No more ads!
  • Everything in build mode becomes free
  • You'll get a member badge

We want to test both subscriber and non-subscribers. Therefore, a number of accounts have received subscription who will now be able to utilize all the subscriber benefits on the Friends server. Non-subscribers will also see a great deal of change.

We will appreciate feedback on any issues and bugs that you experience.

NB!: Buying subscription on the Friends/Test server does not give you subscription on the BR and Live servers. These servers are completely separate regarding purchases and subscription.