Hey KoGaMians!
I'm happy to announce that we've finally been able to release the two new logic boxes that had been postponed, to the friends server!

Team Editor Cube:
With this feature you will be able to name your teams. Pretty straightforward - Your KoGaMa vs Minecraft game can finally let you know which team is which! Doing the trick to disable friendly fire? Let the users know before they select a side.

Trigger Area Cube:
This one is pretty simple - it's a pressure plate without collision.
What truly makes it unique is that you can resize it however you want! This is perfect for making doors that don't close as you try to go through them, for making parkour maps where the ground disappears if you don't jump soon enough, or even for making a King of the hill map where two teams fight over who can stay in the middle the longest!

Show us your greatest creations with these features for a chance at being pinned on the front page!

Report any bugs on the bug forums here http://kogama.freeforums.net/board/3/bug-reports

You can also let us know your feedback on the forums:
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