Hi everyone. We'd like to see what you guys can make with the new Classes feature on the Friends server. A mini contest is therefore launched today and ending on Sunday. We'll check out the games on Monday.


  • Create a game to create an interesting, fun, unique gameplay using the new Game Tier Classes feature.
  • Max 3 creators for game

We'll pick 5 games to win 5000 :gold: on the creators' main accounts (BR or Live).
The prize of 5000 gold is split among the creators of the game. For example, 2 creators on a single game win 2500 Gold each.

Submit your game here: https://forms.gle/cP449NWgqQ3C8LqH8

The games do not have to be large with hours of gameplay. The main goal is to come up with interesting game experiences using the new feature