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Joined KoGaMa on Mar 14, 2021

Hello, I'm light call me: Panther, Angel or just light. I'm from riverside and I'm 11 years old.
Best friends: Cunerex, Jeffplasma12Gaming, Naman. A, Warperu And the trugod
Brother: -_Noobgaming_-
Pro friends: KOGAMADOGGVT-_, Zayp ,Cunerex, Jeffplasma, Naman. A, Warperu, Xx_Olegilinukh08_xX
I joined friends kogama since March, 14 20201
My youtuber friends: Cunerex and Jeffplasma.
If i see mean friends i unfriend them. I don't accept friend request if they are russian I only accept friend request if they are spanish or english.
This is jeffplasma and Cunerex yt channel: Jeffplasma yt: Cunerex yt: That's all!
See yall :haha: