Joined KoGaMa on Feb 13, 2015

Hey, welcome to my profil :

BR Server : Astro-GamerEU
EU Server : Astro-Gamer

Badge :

-Christmas 2015
-Standalone Badge
-Rookie Translator
-Model of the week
-Game of the week
-Tester Ninja
-Fishy Badge Joe
-Monkey Badge
-Community Badge

How to get community badge : ( From Jatsu )

I earn this badge cause i'm an awesome and nice player. I helps the developers and community a lot. I helps test and report bugs to make the game and website better. I helps report hacked and inappropriate content to make the community better. If you're interested in earning this badge too, try to follow my example!

Win of highlights :

Model of the week #92
Game of the week #92

Game of the week #97

Game of the week #98 ( Member )

Avatar of the week #99

Got a youtube channel :

And don't forgot, who got the bruh power? It's dragonrami and don't contest that.

" T= The Best
h= Hero
o= online whenever you need
m= Master Moderador
a= a true friend
s= Sir. Thomas , thank you for making each day the best Kogama , listening to the players , playing with them , you leave a mark on Kogama." - KoGaMa Jooj.